Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction To The Course
    • Welcome To The Course
  • 2
    Taking Charge Of Your Career
    • You're An Entrepreneur As Well As An Artist
    • What Makes The Difference Between Success And Struggle?
  • 3
    Discovering And Articulating Your Artistic Brand
    • What Is Your Artistic Brand?
    • The Three Components Of Your Artistic Brand
    • Why You Need To Know Your Brand
  • 4
    How To Optimize Your Brand Assets
    • How To Write Your Artist Statement
    • How To Discover Your Artistic Brand - Exercise
    • Understanding The Power Of Photography
    • Why You Need To Be A Ruthless Curator
    • How To Price Your Art The Right Way
  • 5
    Understanding And Using Marketing
    • What Is Marketing And Why Do You Need It?
    • The Four Components Of Successful Marketing
    • Choosing The Right Marketing Tactics For You
  • 6
    Conquering The Online Universe
    • Building Your Website
    • Social Media Channels
    • Online Sales Platforms
  • 7
    Being Effective At Personal Relationships
    • Building A Strong Network
    • How To Communicate Effectively
    • How To Sell Ice To The Eskimo’s
    • Negotiating Like A Pro
  • 8
    How To Get Gallery Representation
    • Finding The Right Gallery For You
    • What To Expect From the Relationship
    • Module 7 - Find a Gallery Checklist